‘Being present’ is the greatest gift !

Some of us are such slow learners and as I write  this statement, it is myself that I am referring to.

I am so aware of the many moments that I waste as unnecessary distractions   time wasting thoughts take me away from being present .  Even as I sit here typing this, I have little thoughts popping in reminding me that I haven’t finished clearing up in the kitchen yet, and I mustn’t forget to check that there is a new rubbish bag in the draw and did I remember to turn off the hose which is filling up the cattle’s water trough ?

Those thoughts are now recorded on my page so for now, perhaps  I may be able to remain on track and only allow the thoughts of what it is I am planning to write to enter into my consciousness.

This was to be  the first of my Mindful Tuesday blogs which I was excited to be launching back in 2017 but I never managed to complete it.

I’m now about to return to WordPress to continue my blogs, however this time I will be completing them and they will be regular.

In the last 3  years a lot of things that I started were never completed.  I had some personal challenges that kept me constantly distracted.

But that is now over.  I am supported and I support myself.

I am respected and I respect myself.

I am valued and I value myself.

I am empowered and encouraged and  I can do that for myself as too.

I am now in a new space where I am now able to truly  Love Myself Enough to do the things that are important to me and that includes Loving Myself Enough to complete the projects that I started and it feels amazing !